Leather is a prominent industry in India. The main sectors from which its demand is derived are fashion, footwear, furniture, interiors and automotive. While the Indian leather totals up to 13 percent of the world’s total production of skins, around 10 percent of world’s footwear production also comes from India.

Why Import Leather from INDIA?

  • Leather is a natural fabric and hence no chemicals are used in making it.
  • Authentic leather is bio-degradable and does not pollute Land, air, river and the environment.
  • Leather products are eco-friendly and beautiful .
  • Pure Leather is resistant to dust mites, fungal attacks, dry abrasion.
  • A genuine leather bags for men and women is an ever lasting peace of sophistication and beauty that last long and looks amazing.
  • It is one of the few material that will remain forever fashionable.
  • Whether it is natural, color or dyed it will always add a certain class to your look.
  • It conveys  a sense of luxury.